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Finding ways to finance college is a problem that many people face. On Thursday, an Dickinson County student got the most exciting surprise of his life.

Discipline and dedication, as well as practicing, are three words that every athlete is familiar with. Today, before a game, Norway senior Kali Stanchina was recognized for her hard work both on and off the softball field. She was given the complete trip on the bus to Bay College.

"Today was... I'm not sure how to describe this," Stanchina said.

The coaches were in shock, but the face of surprise in her eyes was natural.

"It's an incredible honor to receive this award from the Scholarship Programs In Norway. It's amazing, and I am extremely grateful for this award," Stanchina said

Bay College Director of Admissions Jessica LaMarche says students like Stanchina aren't often found.

"What was most striking in Kali's application was her dedication. She is very conscious of specific actions in her life and her willingness to take risks and be vulnerable. She is involved in her local area as well as has created a community in the area," LaMarche explained.

Stanchina went through a strict application process with a minimum 3.8 GPA in her classes in the first quarter of the senior season to be eligible for the Norway scholarship. She plans to pursue a degree in exercise physiotherapy in autumn.

"I was a physical therapist while my middle-school years began. I was hooked from the first time I saw a therapist," Stanchina said.

LaMarche claims that the scholarship is worth $16,000 for two years.

"It's a wonderful burden off my shoulders," Stanchina.

Stanchina serves as not only the team's starting pitcher for the Norway Knights but also the leadoff batter. Thankfully, her softball career isn't over yet.

"The chance to educate and allow them to play sports in the future is fantastic. This is precisely what we're trying to achieve," LaMarche said.

As her senior year isn't finished yet, Stanchina has a bright future.

  • Billy Boyd
  • May 21 2022
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