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Microsoft is one of several accounts you can use to access all of Microsoft's online services. A Microsoft account lets you reset your passwords, open existing accounts, sign in to new Microsoft online services, and more. If you are having some problems live with your Microsoft account, then this article is for you. This article will show you three easy steps you can take to reset your Microsoft password quickly.

Before we begin, it is important to note that you should never forget your Microsoft account password, as this will certainly eliminate any chances of it being reset. So before doing anything, make sure you have a copy of your original password. This will ensure that if something happens to your computer or Internet connection, you will still have access to your account. Before starting password recovery, make sure you are using a secure connection such as Wi-Fi. This is because hackers can try to attack your Wi-Fi signal to capture your confidential information.

Accounts: Live Broadcast / Password / Recovery

If you're having trouble accessing Account Live, follow this guide to reset your Account Live password.

  • . Go to Live Account Password Recovery by going to

  • Enter your registered email. Email ID:

  • In the next step, click Forget Live Account Password

  • Some details may be needed for you to confirm

  • Pro is always the same

  • Provide a different email id now to receive a live account recovery password link

  • get that email. In the email, click on the Restore Live Account Password link

  • Enter a new password twice

  • nice going.

  • Amaira Smith
  • Sep 4 2021
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