Forgot iCloud Password +1-888-409-1520

Apple offers you a number of different methods for recovering a lost Apple ID password, but they are becoming more and more difficult. Here's what you can do if you forget, as well as if you lose your iPhone or another device.

Look, just don't forget your Apple ID password, okay? It's not like you're going to write this down on a Post-It somewhere, but remember, keep it in a secure password manager — oh, change it regularly.

How to Recover Your Forgotten Password with a Trusted iPhone/iPad

The fastest way to recover your password: The easiest way is from a trusted device.

  1. With a trusted iPhone/iPad, go to Settings > iCloud. Click on Apple ID [your name].

  2. Click Password Protection.

  3. Click Change Password. Enter your current device passcode.

  4. Then enter a new password Confirm New Password. Click Change > Quit Other Devices.

After you reset or change your password, you will be asked to sign in again with your new password. The settings suggest a new password for all your Apple apps and services.

To reset the iCloud account password or forgot iCloud password, contact an Apple Live person at +1-888-409-1520 (the US only, 9 am to 9 pm EST).

  • Amaira Smith
  • Sep 3 2021
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