Cypon Syrup Uses

Loss of appetite is a big issue and can cause weight loss. If you have tried many tricks to boost your appetite, Cypon Syrup might be the right choice for you.

Cypon Syrup Uses

  • Cypon Syrup works as an Appetite Booster to boost the Appetite of person who needs it.

  • Cypon Syrup is a combination medicine used to treat loss of appetite.

  • Appetite stimulant: Used in cases of low appetite, it will improve it.

  • Watery Eyes: Used to watery eyes and it will control.

  • Itching: Used to treat itching as it is anti histaminic in nature. It will control unnecessary itching.

  • Sneezing: Used to control or treat sneezing.

  • Cold: Used to treat cold and other symptoms like running nose.

  • Cough: Used to treat cough as it contains anti allergic main component.

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  • May 17 2022
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