Are you aware of Delta's policy for obtaining a refund for a cancelled flight?

Delta Airlines follows the usual policy, which lays out the rules and conditions under which passengers can request a refund for a cancelled trip. When they are faced with an unforeseen scenario and need to cancel their vacation, many individuals question how can I obtain a refund for a cancelled Delta ticket. If you are one of those people, you can accept the policy of receiving a refund for cancelled Delta Airlines flights by gathering information from the links below.

* According to Delta Airlines' return policy, passengers who cancel a flight within 24 hours are entitled to a full refund.

* After the cancellation cost is subtracted from the initial ticket purchase, Delta Airlines offers a refund for a cancelled flight after 24 hours.

* The refund amount is credited by Delta Airlines to the original payment method for passengers who are entitled to a cancelled flight refund, according to the rules.

* When a traveller requests a refund for a cancelled flight, Delta Airlines processes the request online or by calling the booking office.

* According to Delta Airlines' return policy, passengers are also entitled to a full refund if their tickets are cancelled due to medical reasons or death.

* In the event of a cancelled flight, if Delta Airlines is unable to arrange a suitable alternative flight for customers, they will get a full refund of the money paid.

* When a non-refundable fare is cancelled, Delta Airlines passengers are entitled to a reimbursement for the amount of the fare that was not used.

* If Delta Airlines Cancel or significantly delays a flight, customers must complete the form to obtain a refund and have the funds transferred to their original payment method.

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  • John Martin
  • Aug 26 2021
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  • Guest commented
    22 Dec, 2021 06:26am

    I had my flight from Miami to San Diego cancelled abruptly. I found out about it at the airport, and when I went to the customer service desk, I was told that there was nothing they could do for me because cancellation is not a refundable ticket. This is not true. I called Delta 800 customer service and spoke with a supervisor who told me that they will refund the ticket if the reason for cancellation is within their control (like bad weather) but not if it is due to mechanical issues or crew problems. I have never heard of any airline having this policy, and I understand this reasoning only if you are notified prior to departure that your flight is going to be delayed/cancelled. If you are at the airport when you find out your flight is cancelled, then you should have a ticket that allows you to reschedule immediately on another flight of equal or lower cost. This way you can get home on time instead of being stuck in a foreign city without a way to get back home.