All About Fire-Rated Storage Safes

While storing cash, important papers, or electronics, you should look for a fireproof safe. The better your safe's fire rating, the longer it will be able to protect your valuables. The temperature at which a fire will start in a safe depends on several factors. For example, the paper will begin to discolour at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, electronic media will melt at a lower temperature than paper. These conditions are not extreme, but a fire-rated safe will protect your valuables. Several fire-rated storage safes can protect your valuables for up to two hours. If you are storing electronics, look for a UL Class 125 or Class 150 fire-rated safe.

In addition to preventing your belongings from burning, fire-rated storage safes can protect your valuables from water damage. For example, if you have expensive jewellery in your safe, you may want to choose one that has a water-resistance rating. For example, a UL Class 125 safe can underwater protect your valuables for two hours. Likewise, a Class 150 safe can protect your valuables for three hours underwater.

It would help if you also looked for a fire-rated storage safe with a fire seal. These seals are used to prevent heat and moisture from escaping from your safe. They are installed in the door, so your contents remain fire-free. Several fire-rated storage safes have composite material, a type of concrete that is a bit lighter than steel. Its non-conductive properties keep the temperature inside your safe from rising. This material also acts as an insulator.

  • Mia Meston
  • Nov 23 2022
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