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We're Ukrainians that were forced to relocate.

UKRAINIAN team in Spain! Mavinx is a software design and engineering firm with more than 5 years of experience and qualified team members. We've gained extensive experience designing, developing, and successfully releasing iOS, Android, and Web apps, and we've assisted our clients in realizing their visions!

  • Design

Get a one-of-a-kind UX/UI design for your project. The original point of view is always remembered. Our goal is to pique people's curiosity with our design in the initial few seconds and then win them over with usability. Do you want to know how to complete the task? We are like painters who make sketches before they finish a work of art. To hear and listen to you is the first step. The most crucial factors are your original concept and how you attempt to set yourself out from your rivals. In order to proceed, we develop the mind maps, identify the key components of the project, talk about potential features together, and then agree on the final scope with you.

  • Web Development

We also provide WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES! We understand what you require and how to make it user-friendly. We ensure that the design for the Android mobile app will represent the application's key idea, mood, and solutions. We are prepared to create a new website from start or integrate current apps through web developments to streamline operations. For instance, you could require enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management (CRM), online training, and e-commerce (ERP). In that case, our web development firm is available!

  • Healthcare

MAVINX provides comprehensive services in developing software solutions for the Healthcare business. Whether you're starting from scratch, upgrading an existing project, or simply need some pointers, we're your dependable partner with relevant Healthcare knowledge. And this example demonstrates it. Our strategy begins by determining the issue that your potential solution is meant to address. At the same time, we can identify four key areas that support people in keeping their health.

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  • Oct 18 2022
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  • Frank Martelliuos commented
    18 Oct 06:49am

    Also, they develop Real Estate Software solutions for sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, and realtors. Our MAVINX team has created 10 digital real estate solutions over the past four years that help agents with the sales process or let clients find the homes they're looking for.

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