Water companies in Bahrain

Gulf cold stores Ice plant co is a water treatment company in Bahrain who aims to treat the saline water and makes it suitable for drinking purpose.

Water Treatment in Gulf cold stores involves several steps

  1. Pulling sea water to the treatment plant using large pipes.

  2. Several layers of filtration procedure involving reverse osmosis procedure, filtration, ultra filtration which helps to throw away the minute impurities from the water

  3. After performing various filtration processes, then comes the screening procedure and then finally the water treatment.

Our services incudes:

Swimming pool filling

Supply of sweet water

Temporary water supply to construction areas

We supply the best drinking water to the people of Bahrain. We have in to this field for more than years and got handful of experience in drinking water supply. This made us the best water companies in Bahrain

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  • Sep 21 2022
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