FTTH/Network Equipment Manufacturer in India

UBIQCOM is a leading FTTH/Network Equipment Manufacturer in India. We are engaged in a continuous process of innovating the new FTTH technologies and solutions with a stronger focus on the industrial, residence and small enterprises. As a top-notch FTTH solutions provider of cost-effective solutions, we felt the need to expand our product range. To satisfy this quest, we launched our full fledge FTTX solution, including OLT, ONU, SFP, Media Converters, Patch Cords, Splitters, and almost all FTTX products. UBIQCOM has a large range of innovative products like IP Phones, video IP Phones, IP-PBX, Gateways and ATAs, Business Conferencing Units, Networking solutions, SIP Camera, HD IP Camera, PRI Cards, Analog cards and Headsets.

  • Ubiqcom India
  • Oct 13 2021
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